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2018 November Green Candidates

Green Party of California Congressional Candidates on the November 6th Ballot 

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Kenneth Mejia for Congress District 34
Kenneth’s campaign aims to put the most vulnerable people FIRST: the working class, poor, homeless, immigrants, seniors, LGBTQ, people of color, and the disabled, because he believes, when millions of people come together, we can accomplish anything! ran for congress in his district in 2017. Learn more. (LA County)





Laura Wells for Congress District 13 (Write-in)

“I ams running as a write-in candidate against Barbara Lee, a Democrat running unopposed in District 13. My goal is  to become the counterbalance to the huge pressure politicians get from the billionaires and their corporations. Green Party candidates never take corporate money, and that idea is catching hold across the country. Let’s shift the conversation in November by getting a Green Candidate, representing the rest of us, passed the Top Two and in a conversation with the incumbent in November.” Learn more (Alameda County)

Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for Congress District 40
“I am a first-generation Mexican-American scientist running in the most Latino district in the country. My opponent has sold out the community, but nobody else is running to unseat her. It’s time for someone to say no to the L.A. Latino Democratic establishment. Please contribute if you can.” Rodolfo conducts interviews focused on the Green Party platform, using the community-oriented Green Revolution group that has over 10 thousand followers. Learn more and watch an interview with Rodolfo. (LA County)

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