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2018 CA Green Candidates

GPSCC Endorsed Green Candidates in the 2018 Elections

Green Party of Santa Clara County has proudly endorsed four 2018 Statewide and nearby Congressional District Green Party candidates;  Josh Jones, Erik Rydberg, Michael Zeising (Cal Songmaker) and Barry Hermanson, as well as one No Party Preference candidate, Gayle McLaughlin.

Please Donate, Volunteer and Advocate for these candidates and check out our events calendar for opportunities to phone bank and canvass for them.

Josh Jones for California Governor (Green) Endorsed by GPSCC
Josh’s platform aims to maximize equality of opportunity, and minimize harm. He was in Occupy/Decolonize and joined the Green Party as a consequence of the election corruption he observed at the national, state and county level. Learn more and watch an interview with Josh. (Yolo County)







Erik Rydberg for CA Secretary of State (Green) Endorsed by GPSCC
“My people-powered campaign is committed to defending democracy and protecting the vote.  As an indigenous person, I have a deep respect for Democracy, because among the oldest functioning democracies is the Iroquois Confederacy. As the backbone of any just and free society Democracy must be protected from those who dishonor and manipulate it. As your next Secretary of State, I will ensure that every vote cast by Californians is accounted for.” Learn more and watch an interview with Erik. (Humboldt County)






Michael “Cal Songmaker” Ziesing for US Senate (Write-in) Endorsed by GPSCC

Cal Songmaker is running for the US Senate in CA and describes himself as a Navy Veteran, a lifelong leftist, and a Native. He believes it is time to put an end to corporate-party politics and strive for a just and free society. Learn more and watch an interview with Cal. (Tehama County)

Barry Hermanson for Congress CD12 (Green) Endorsed by GPSCC
Barry Hermanson has run for Congress in CA District 12 four times because the voices of working people are rarely heard above the deafening sound of money. His campaign focuses on bringing voters the Green New Deal platform, and he has been an activist in SF since 2003 on the issues of minimum/living wage, healthcare and single payer, military spending and ending Citizens United. Learn more and watch an interview. (SF County)









Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor (NPP) Endorsed by GPSCC
“As a two-term Mayor of Richmond CA, I led a successful grassroots movement to liberate our city from the grip of corporate giants and wealthy special interests. Our progressive transformation returned political power to our residents and local businesses and we defeated the oil giant Chevron’s attempts to buy our democracy”. Learn more and watch an interview.


Non-Green 2018 Statewide Candidates endorsed by GPCA

For the first time, the Green Party of California has endorsed non-Green corporate-free candidates, we at GPSCC support this step towards a more inclusive and united left, for the GPCA April 25th press release, see here.

Lieutenant Governor – Gayle McLaughlin (no party affiliation)

U.S. Senate – John Parker, Peace & Freedom Party

Controller – Mary Lou Finley, Peace & Freedom Party

Insurance Commissioner – Nathalie Hrizi, Peace & Freedom Party

Treasurer – Kevin Akin, Peace & Freedom Party


Other California Green Candidates running in the 2018 Elections

Below is a partial list of other Greens running for offices in 2018 across California, We wish then luck and invite you to learn more about their campaigns.








Angelica Duenas for Congress CD29
Angelica Duenas’ 100% people powered campaign focuses on Healthcare-for-All, Immigration Reform, Education and Housing as a Right, Criminal Justice, and Foreign Policy. Angelica is committed to growing the Green Party and is part of the Federation of Young Greens of the Americas and a Delegate to the Global Young Greens. Learn more and watch an interview with Angelica. (LA County)

Jason Kishineff for Congress CD5
“I’ve lived in California’s 5th district for over half my life, and know what it’s like to struggle through unemployment trying try to feed your family on Welfare. My platform focuses on fighting for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice I believe that we can, and must, continue the political revolution to make this one of the most progressive voting districts in the state, and do it without corporate money.” Learn more and watch an interview. (Napa County)

Kenneth Mejia for Congress CD34
Kenneth’s campaign aims to put the most vulnerable people FIRST: the working class, poor, homeless, immigrants, seniors, LGBTQ, people of color, and the disabled, because he believes, when millions of people come together, we can accomplish anything! ran for congress in his district in 2017. Learn more. (LA County)

LewisElbinger1 copy






Lewis Elbinger for Congress D1
Lewis believes the Green Party’s platform can address the social and political challenges our country faces. He stands strong for “Government with a heart, Vote your Conscience, Keep your voice”. Lewis has 28 years of experience as a Foreign Service Officer in the U.S. Department of State, has earned an MBA and a Masters in Strategic Studies, and has lived abroad in many countries. Learn more and watch an interview with Lewis. (Siskiyou County)






Miguel Zuniga for Congress D43
“I am running for Congress to represent the people of district 43, because our politicians are not. I will put a Heart in the Machine and be the voice of the voiceless, by returning the power to the people. My morals wouldn’t let me support the two corrupt parties that only work to serve corporate donors. I am a Green, because our platform doesn’t have to be bought to do what’s right.” Learn more and watch an interview. (LA County)

Rodolfo Cortes Barragan for Congress D40
“I am a first-generation Mexican-American scientist running in the most Latino district in the country. My opponent has sold out the community, but nobody else is running to unseat her. It’s time for someone to say no to the L.A. Latino Democratic establishment. Please contribute if you can.” Rodolfo conducts interviews focused on the Green Party platform, using the community-oriented Green Revolution group that has over 10 thousand followers. Learn more and watch an interview with Rodolfo. (LA County)


Robert Christian Richardson for Congress D7
“I am running for Congress to rebuild fairness and confidence in our government for a more stable and sane America, because I have become disenchanted with unfair election rigging that both major parties engage in.  After retiring from the Veterans Administration, as a senior computer specialist, I co-founded a non-profit to help hospitals here & overseas utilize VA’s integrated hospital system (VistA), that has run 160 VA hospitals for 40 years.” Learn more and watch an interview. (Sacramento County)






Rachel Bruhnke for CA Assembly District 70
Rachel believes it’s time to take power back from corporations and anti-democratic forces endangering our communities, our country and our planet. She is focused on: a just, sustainable and inclusive economy; land use reform and housing for all; healthcare as a human right and promoting SB-562; and building a localized, participatory Democracy. She holds degrees in Political Science and Environmental Engineering. Learn more and watch an interview. (LA County)






Carol A. Bouldin for CA Assembly D42
”Hello Californians! If you believe that it’s time that someone represents our district who supports Single Payer healthcare, clean energy, banning fracking, getting money out of politics, and doing away with Top Two primaries, please support my campaign for A. D. 42! Green Party candidates do not take any dark money, including money from corporations.” Learn more and donate. (San Bernardino County)

Saied Karamooz for Oakland Mayor
Saied Karamooz is the Green Party candidate for the mayor of Oakland.  Saied’s campaign is founded on sensible solutions from a trustworthy candidate.  His platform is squarely founded on achieving true public safety through investment in education, housing, and jobs.  Learn more and watch an interview with Saied. (Alameda County)

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